What makes youngsters frustrated?

Are youngsters in India frustrated? If yes what are the causes?Buddhists say that desire is the cause of all suffering. Having said that, can we live without desire? I don’t think so. Now is desire the cause of frustration for youngsters? Let’s have a look.In India, there is a huge population of youngsters. Every year, a significant portion of that passes out of educational institutions. They choose many different careers and live their life for a pretty long time until they look back at what they have been studying for in the first place. Have they chosen careers based on what they have studied? Have they studied what they wanted to study in the first place? The big question: Are people becoming what they want to be?

I think the answer is a qualified negative. I think most youngsters in India are not doing what they really want to do. Let’s pause and find out why.

We have a society. Which is a subset of civilization. And civilization is a product of innovation which evolve with time. Civilization is not the work of a single person but of a whole society. Every individual contributes his/her part in it. We are now heading towards global civilization.

There are many consequences of this. As a whole, there are requirements in various sectors. And people are on demand at all times. Now the frustrations starts. When there are jobs, people tend to push youngsters into various fields despite what they really want to do. And there are some youngsters who don’t realize that in the first place.

They are made to study various courses. They are made to choose jobs that are suitable for globalization. They do these things in the first place but as years pass by, they find that they have made a grave mistake. They repent. They show that in their workplace. At home. Among friends. Everywhere.

Let take some examples. We have a concept called professional course. By definition it is something that makes a person capable of doing a professional job. Now what is a professional job? Anything can be a professional job. Then why this fuss? Why are people forced to become Doctors or Engineers? Are those the only profession?

This thought springs into existence when the victims of such indoctrination realize that they had made a mistake by not being strong.

They then decide that they are not going to do that with their children. They decide that what happened to them should not happen to their children. What will be the consequence? We will have a new generation where youngsters decide upon what they want to do and end up doing only those things that they are passionate about.

There will be peace and harmony among people. We will head towards a Type-I civilization as Dr. Kaku put it.