My name is Pleasant and I am a science enthusiast and blogger. This is my personal website where I wish to share my ideas, opinions and personal experiences regarding various aspects of life, science and philosophy.  Science is my passion and I intend to spend the rest of my life in search of the ultimate truths about the cosmos. Everything about the grand scheme of things fascinates me and this website is “one small step” towards fulfilling my goal.

Cosmic Symphony

The universe is a cosmic symphony!

Any serious reader would be curious to know the story behind the author. I had a talent in English prose for a very long time but I only used it for academic purposes until around December 2009 when I really made the decision to start blogging seriously.  There were myriad of incidents that led me to that point where I felt that it was time.

Quod erat demonstrandum” is Latin for “as it was demonstrated”. It is a phrase that was used for a long time by thinkers to describe scientific theories with a philosophical touch and is one of my favorite phrases.  We live in a world where the group seems to be more important than the individual and identifying oneself here is a herculean task. Our empirical knowledge is dynamic. It changes overtime as we amass more experience. My life too underwent several changes that led me to this point were I am writing about myself. I am not a politician or a millionaire or celebrity. But deep down within me there is a desire to be unique.

Quod erat demonstrandum

Quod erat demonstrandum!

I have a unique name. Pleasant is one of the most unusual names you would give your child. My parents chose the name probably with an intention to raise me as a special individual. We are all unique in our own special ways but how many people really know us? As the saying goes, “pride goeth before a fall”, my pride of having an unusual name was shattered when I met two more Pleasants online. It was probably nature’s irony. But the revelation was more of a challenge to me. Especially when I found that the other Pleasants were older than me. My desire to be identified as unique intensified. I wanted to show the world that I am “The Pleasant”.

I mentioned 2009 because that is when my political, religious, scientific, social and historic views underwent a renaissance. I realized that what I say or do has its impact on others. I knew that a valid opinion, however insignificant, if backed by sound logic packs terrific power. Thinking this way, I wanted to brush up my old skills and start writing online.


I am unique!

My first blogs were regarding my changed religious stand which evolved over a period of several years. Those were my first TA blogs. Later on I wanted to write something more personal and started my next set of blogs in Blogger and that was an instant hit among my friends.

It then occurred to me that a personal website will pack more punch than blogs. Thought that if someone has to find me, they have to visit “my house” rather than going elsewhere. So a year after I started blogging, I registered my domain iampleasant.com and put all my blogs in one place. As I mentioned before, the desire to be “The Pleasant” caused me to name my site as “I am Pleasant”. I chose WordPress after it was suggested by many of my friends who read my blogs in Blogger and TA.

I found that WordPress did offer the advantages my friends were talking about and with new updates, there is always something new to learn. Hopefully this site will turn more beautiful and meaningful in the days ahead.

This website will serve as a personal space where I can write my ideas about the field. The importance of space sciences and technology for the human species is huge and it is high time everyone realized it. I love teaching science and through this, I will be able to let more people know about it.

This website has a lot of scope for improvement. You can browse around and if you have any feedback or suggestions, do let me know. I don’t promise you enlightenment here but if you do like my writings, let me know.

Happy reading!

P V Pleasant