My name is Pleasant and this is my personal website where I wish to share my ideas, opinions and personal experiences regarding various aspects of life, science and philosophy. I don’t promise you enlightenment here but if you do like my writings, let me know.

Cosmic Symphony

The universe is a cosmic symphony!

How this site was built and why is a question that lurks in the back of every reader’s mind when they go through a website. Writing is an ability that I discovered within me only lately. I had made futile attempts to write blogs since almost half a decade back but never started seriously until December 2009. What motivated me was a plethora of instances in my life that could be poetic if a little philosophy is applied.

Quod erat demonstrandum” is Latin for “as it was demonstrated”. It is a phrase that was used for a long time by thinkers to describe scientific theories with a philosophical touch and is one of my favorite phrases. I have been writing and deleting blogs for the past few years and this probably marks the first time I am creating a consistent content. You can check the various posts linked to this page to get an idea about who I am and what I am capable of.

We live in a world where the group seems to be more important than the individual and identifying oneself here is a herculean task. Our empirical knowledge is dynamic. It changes overtime as we amass more experience under our belt. My life too underwent several changes that led me to this point were I am writing about myself. I am not a politician or a millionaire or celebrity. But deep down within me there is a desire to be unique.

Quod erat demonstrandum

Quod erat demonstrandum!

I have a unique name. Pleasant is one of the most unusual names you would give your child. My parents chose the name probably with an intention to raise me as a special individual. We are all unique in our own special ways but how many people really know us? As the saying goes, “pride goeth before a fall”, my pride of having an unusual name was shattered when I met two more Pleasants.  It was probably nature’s irony. But the revelation was more of a challenge to me. Especially when I found that the other Pleasants were older than me.

My desire to be identified as unique intensified. I wanted to show the world that I am “The Pleasant”. My political, religious, scientific, social and historic views underwent a renaissance. I realized that what I say or do has its impact on others. I knew that a valid opinion, however insignificant, if backed by sound logic packs terrific power. Thinking this way, I wanted to brush up my old skills and start writing online.


I am unique!

My first blogs were regarding my changed religious stand which took a 180 degree turn when certain logical inconsistencies were found in what I believed. Those were my first TA blogs. Later on I wanted to write something more personal and started my next set of blogs in Blogger and that was an instant hit. People started taking me seriously.

It then occurred to me that a personal website will pack more punch than blogs. And at that instant this site was born. As I mentioned before, the desire to be “The Pleasant” caused me to name my site as “I am Pleasant”. I chose WordPress after it was suggested by many of my friends who read my blogs in Blogger and TA.

I found that WordPress did offer the advantages my friends were talking about but I am still learning how things are managed here because I got to used to Blogger. I have been able to import all my Blogger and TA blogs into this website easily so that I have a single place where I can share all my views. Hopefully this site will turn more beautiful and meaningful in the days ahead.

P V Pleasant

  • Rajesh

    Well done dude……
    good work!!!!
    expect more from you

    • http://www.iampleasant.com Pleasant

      Thanks Rajesh. :)

  • manisha

    congrats ….keep going

    • http://www.iampleasant.com Pleasant

      Thank you Manisha. :)

  • Anoop SK

    Excellent work dude….

    • http://www.iampleasant.com Pleasant

      Thanks da. :)

  • Lane

    “This is my personal website were I wish to share my ideas…” – “were” -> “where” ?

    • http://www.iampleasant.com/ Pleasant

      Right here. :)

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    Cool blog you’ve got here Pleasant. I like it. :)

    • http://www.iampleasant.com/ Pleasant

      Thank you Devon :)

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  • gol

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    • http://www.iampleasant.com/ Pleasant

      It’s simple.
      1. Register your domain at GoDaddy or any such provider.
      2. See whether you can install a WordPress+Linux server package. GoDaddy provides one.
      3. Then you can apply any of the themse available and start writing articles.
      That’s it! :)

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    • http://www.iampleasant.com/ Pleasant

      I just told you. Please refer to the previous reply of mine. Thanks :)

  • Edward Roberts

    Hi Pleasant … I see you’re no longer on Facebook, but I wanted to let you know about an free course you might be interested in. The link is: https://iversity.org/courses/dark-matter-in-galaxies-the-last-mystery
    It looks rather promising.

    I enjoyed reading your blog posts, and I hope you are doing well.

    • http://www.iampleasant.com Pleasant

      Hello Edward! Good to hear from you again. Yeah, I quit Facebook. It was a wise decision to do so in my opinion. I feel so relieved these days. :D The dark matter course looks great. I have signed up. I am glad you enjoyed my blogs. Let me know your feedback so that I can improve them. If you are on Twitter, you can follow me @plsntpv I feel it is much better than Facebook. :)